Being harassed on an official server

Being harassed on an official server, slot of hate speech, wondering how I can directly report him to conan?

Direct message @Hugo or @Ignasi

No te gastes por que no te dan bola en mi servidor pasa lo mismo ensima están en un bug por que se menten dentro de las construcciones del juego tienen su base dentro de puentes y montañas ya nos emos quejado y ni bola nos an dado dice que están trabajando en ellos pero que no saben si se tomarán medidas

Hey @Tommy707x

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As @droch-aon mentioned, please DM either me or @Hugo keeping in mind that this is our current stance regarding harassment and griefing in official servers:

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You can find Conan at the bar in Set City, talk to him there.


Only one to actually answer the OP (for all the good it’ll do :stuck_out_tongue:)

The server (1322) is under attack for about 1 hour. I don’t know where to go for this. The delay value continuously increases to 1020. DDos DDos DDos Helllppp !!!

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