Benches stop working

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Region: [america]

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when eever my serever emties out and theres no one on the server all benches and wheels of pain stop cooking. this is a must fix asap. as im not gonna stay logged in 24/7 just to keep them running, if this doesnt get fixed soon im not renting the server any more, as of right now its a waste of money

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. everypone kleaves the server
  2. thralls stop working

Isn’t that how the servers work? This is now only an issue due to most official servers are dead or very low population now.

if thats what its meant to do then its a broken feature that needs removed, like i said im not wasting money on a rented server that does this too much longer.

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Besides this problem, my thrall lvl 4 that was in almost 75% returned to zero when they reset the server

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