Thralls die after couple minutes

My thralls eat food from pot every 10 seconds then they die after going through all the food?WTF??

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List your server, location of bug, if it continuously happens, any other pertinent info. The more details the better chance it gets fixed. I get the cook bug where all the meat I put in it cooks and rottens instantly but I can’t get it to happen consistently. It will happen at every base randomly (7 different spots and multiple cooking stations in those as well). I don’t get too bent at the moment because I just put one piece in now. Your problem, needs to be fixed. Devil in the details. Good luck.

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I’m in single player mode and it’s happened every time with fighting thralls and entertainment thralls…about 5 times now…they eat the food then timer resets to 10 sec.That is repeated until food is gone then health immediately starts going down…My base is located a little south of new Asagarth,if that matters…

playing offline single-player, i logged in after the 20g patch just to see how the game was running, logged out again after five minutes,
then logged in again today and watched all my thralls drop dead around me.
the feed timer runs while offline? that’s a mistake right?
i’ve now switched the mechanic off in my game, but i want all my thralls back, that was hours and hours and hours of work, all gone because of a bugged mechanic? can i get a rollback here?

Had those problems don’t know fix but admin your thralls back and tweak your settings good luck

Yeah. Read my post. They kill me. They say they work on it but uhhhh man. That’s a lot of work that is just lost for an “ our bad.”

I’ve had that same issue I spent all my time capturing named tiers 3-4 thrills and it wasn’t easy but then this update happens and I logged in And I had 7 days logged in later in the day and then bam all my thrills started to drop the food consumption rate is beyond ridiculous and unreal I put exotic meat and it was gone in like 2 minutes it should be the same consumption rate as your characters

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