Best High Fantasy Modlist anyone?

Greetings fellow Exiles!

I have returned with another curious topic.

When it comes to a High Fantasy Conan roleplay server, what are some of your folks’ thoughts on a solid mod makeup for an AoC Heavy High Fantasy RP Server?

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  • Sp3ctre :slight_smile:

Roleplay Aesthetics: Fantasy Edition
Exiled Lands Extreme

First one will require the base Roleplay Aesthetics mod, but those two mods together are going to be lighter than ELE. However the ELE mod has A LOT of options available.

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I do have the ELE mod installed which I like- and now, rather than AoC, I’m thinking RA: Fantasy Edition and Exiles Extremes with a few other mods gives a solid fantasy feel rather than AoC…what do you think of that? @Taemien

Should work pretty well.

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Alright. Thanks for your insight. :100:

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