Beta-Armor unlock?

Hello, my English is not very good, I apologize in advance :slight_smile:

I have a question:
For those who purchased the game in the beta testing phase, 2 sets of armor (normal and reinforced) were given.
I purchased the game after the release, seeing it in the recommended steam :frowning:
Is there any way to unlock these types of armor now or in the future?
It’s a pity that I can not make this armor, because it is more beautiful than 80% of all armor in the game.

you can try to trade it with some other players. Even if you are not able to craft it, you are still able to wear it. And i am sure you can find lot of players willing to trade this armor for some more important resources.

Not sure about single player. But i can recommend you private server:
I play here my self as well and i am always willing to trade

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