Beyond the Road of Kings RP Server, Lore adherent

Beyond the Road of Kings

This is not the Exiled Lands.

This is not Siptah’s Isle.

You are not an Exile.

You have chosen to be here.

Know O Prince, that in those times, to the north of Turan, between the shining Vilayet Sea and the eastern borders of Zamora, where the mighty Kezankian Mountains stood like a bulwark between east and west, there lay a wild, untamed hinterland. Here, perhaps more than any other land in the north, there were yet to be found the signs of the great civilisations that reigned supreme, before the waves swept over Atlantis, and wild, tawny haired barbarians threw down the devil haunted empire of Acheron.

Ruins stood there, the remnants of palaces and plazas and the tombs of long dead kings. And in those tombs were riches beyond imagining….

Beyond the Road of Kings is a heavily lore adherent RP server, with RP within the world created by Howard very much the emphasis. When we say that we are lore adherent, we mean it. We draw only on Howard’s work, or on sources approved by credible Howard scholars such as Dale Rippke’s “The Hyborian Heresies” and the excellent ongoing “Robert E. Howard Conan Lore Project” as well as the Modiphius Conan RPG sourcebooks. Our main admins have been reading Howard’s works, and studying them, for many years. We are passionate about the world, and we strive to bring it, in as pure a form as we can, to our server. We will accept some third party suggestions, but as a rule we do not use the Mongoose RPG books, Xoth or the CLA as our primary sources for lore.

We set our server to the north of the Vilayet Sea, an area largely undocumented in Howard’s stories, which gives us a fantastic blank page on which to write wonderful Hyborian Age tales. No Exiles here, just adventurers, cut from the same cloth as the eponymous Cimmerian.

We have an overarching server plotline as well as episodic events that evoke Howard’s Conan stories in look and feel. Our server GMs have decades of experience in running events in many formats of roleplaying, from MMOs and tabletop to freeform and LARP events. This experience allows them to approach scenario building and running from many angles not often seen in online RP. Players will be free to build and create, and to craft their own stories as they would on any server, but they will also be able to become embroiled in the ongoing server plot, or to drop in to short, self contained events on a more casual basis.

For players who wish for their characters to become sorcerers, that option is available, though the slots for sorcerous characters will be limited and there will be a series of trials and interactions and quests that the player will need to complete before any magical abilities become available to them. As with Howard’s tales, the path to sorcery is a dark and dangerous one, and at the end of that path, there are no Gandalfs or Harry Potters.

Our RP Dice System, used for some events, is bespoke and captures the feel of Howard’s Sword and Sorcery tales. The system has been designed from the ground up to enable fast play with an emphasis on RP. Players can select abilities that evoke Howard’s dynamic writing style such as “Rush in and die, dogs!”, “I have read from the iron bound books of Vathelos the Blind” and “When the broadswords sing” The system was written specifically for our server by one of our GMs, who was also part of the writing and design team on the multi award winning “Adventures in Middle Earth” books for 5th ed D&D.

For other events, we will use a “PVP/PVE Lite” method, with some aspects being not dissimilar to a LARP, in which some players will be invited to play NPC roles, and then statted, equipped and briefed regarding personality, motivation and behaviour. The fights on these events will be a mix of player controlled enemies and PVE “mobs” and will be crafted with the emphasis on entertainment for the players far more than any sort of PVP challenge. This is a method that we have used before, during the Age of Conan days, to great effect. It can result in the players using very creative ways to deal with challenges.

In all honesty, if you want a high fantasy, high magic server, with a diversity of otherworldly and magical races, ours is not for you. If, however, you are searching for a server that captures the pulp sword and sorcery stories of Robert E Howard, we may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Server Capacity: 30
Text based RP
No password, though an character application is required before a character will be able to exit the starting area to enter the server

Server Settings:

XP Rate x1
Players may choose to start their characters at level 1 or to receive an instant boost to either level 30 or level 60

Drop Equipment on Death: No

God Avatars Enabled: No

Containers Ignore Ownership: No

Purge Activated: No

Peak Play Times: Varied. We have a good mix of European and US Players. Peak Times tend to be from 8pm UK time to 7am UK time

Does the server use Mods: Yes
Mod List:
Warrior Mutator

Building limitations:
Building limits are based on Clan size, as follows:
1 Character: 500 Build pieces/250 Placeables
2 800/450
3 1100/600
4 1400/775
5 1700/950
6 2000/1125

Maximum Clan size at present is limited to 6 characters

Application form: Actual application is available in our discord and consists of the following:
Before we can grant you access to the server, we ask you to fill in the following brief application form. Once done, we will process it as quickly as possible. If we are uncertain about any of your answers, we will contact you to talk them through in order to make sure that you can be online and playing as quickly as possible.

Character Name:
Character Race:

Brief Character Description:

What has brought your character to this land?

Give us a brief emote in response to one of the following situations:

The wizened merchant looks up, his dark eyes gleaming with an avaricious glee, lips peeling back from rotted teeth. He gestures imperiously to his tawdry wares, making a grand sweep of his clawlike hand before picking up a curved dagger “By Ishtar, you will not find a better blade than this in Murun, I swear it. I see that you desire it! You cannot hide it from me. For only two silvers, it can be yours!”
A hush suddenly descends upon the forest, an almost palpable sense of imminent danger hanging in the air. A pair of men glide from the shadows, naked steel gleaming dully in their hands, their mismatched armour and and the cold, hard glint in their eyes hinting at violent perfidy and dark intent. One of them speaks then, his voice a low growl, lips curled in a cruel and mirthless smile “Best you drop your weapons and hand over your coin pouch, lest we leave you as food for the worms…”
The tavern is bustling, the loud clamouring of revellers and carousers shaking the stained beams of the low ceiling. The air is thick with the reek of cheap wine and the sour sweat stench of unwashed bodies. (write a short emote of your arrival to this scene)

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Adventure the way it’s portrayed in the classic works of Robert E. Howard awaits you! Join us at: Beyond the Road of Kings

For more info: Beyond the Road of Kings (Lore Adherent RP-PVP 18+)

Update! Our team has been working hard to enhance our players’ experience. Create the character you want to play. Our profession system does not take away anything from anyone but rather focuses on giving those who spend the points on a dedicated profession an edge in their chosen field.

A sampling of some of our professions:

Is thralling your thing? You may choose to become a Slaver. Perks include the ability to sell follower thralls you have leveled up yourself with Staff assistance to effect the sale. You will also be able to keep more thralls on hand than regular players. Profit!

Is taming beasts your thing? You may choose to become a Beast Tamer. Perks include the ability to sell follower pets you have leveled up yourself with Staff assistance to effect the sale. Profit! With the Warsong mod you have access to additional pets as well as baby pets that are still quite fierce! We also use Otterly’s Better Beasties mod so your pets will truly be worthy companions in your travels!

Is raising and taming horses your thing? Become a Horse Trainer! Perks include the ability to sell horses you have leveled up yourself with Staff assistance to effect the sale. Profit!

Have you longed to play a Priest or Priestess and have it actually matter? Dancers do NOT cure corruption on our server. Player Priests and Priestesses do! That’s right, your holy (or unholy!) calling actually matters!

Weaponsmiths, Armorers/Tailors, Alchemists, and Cooks/Brewers get their due as well!

City apartments! Don’t really love to build? Does the idea of living in the bustling city of Murun with its player and admin markets and numerous RP opportunities appeal? A lovely selection of apartments are available for those who would rather not build. Each apartment comes with a chest containing all of the excellent mini stations from Beyond Stations so you need not worry that you are cheating yourself out of a workshop!

Our modlist on Steam: Steam Workshop::BTRoK Mod Collection

Come join us and immerse yourself in the world of Hyboria and “live deep!”

A great story, a unique and wonderful setting that really immerses you into Howard’s Hyboria, with a kind and helpful staff who are fair, accommodating and only have your enjoyment of this server at heart! Check it out!

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