Rise of the Kingslayers (RP-heavy PvP-light) PC-NA


Let us jump straight into the deep water here: why should you join this server and not one of the many others out here?

We have what a good server should have:

Active, committed admins, who are making sure the server runs well with minimum downtime for crashes or updates.

We have rules for where you can build and how big, and admins who enforce it.

We have a solid long term community which will only grow larger over time, while making sure the rp quality and core of the server won’t fade away into a glorified pvp server!

A very expensive server with good hardware to make ping and performance as good as possible! Location is NY, USA. We have players from all around the world.

Unlike some RP servers, we will never abandon our RP. Roleplay is the core of this server. This is not one of those servers where RP is optional or only some of the players partake. This is all about the roleplay!

We feature near vanilla settings with only tweaks to improve quality of life (so don’t expect crazy gathering and leveling rates here).

So… what else does this server offer?

Whitelisted. We have a password on the server to counter trolls and griefers, and we have an interview process before you can access the full discord.

We have a good (optional!) server storyline that makes sense within Conan (and Conan Exiles) lore. Now that we have added Age of Calamitous mod, we even have lore that explains glowing eyes, pointy ears, the scourge and plague. Still the same Conan experience and lore-wise none of the fantasy elements of that mod!

Connected to the server storyline we have events, server story characters and more. In time perhaps even custom built dungeons for players!

Besides that we have other events as well, from which some are tied to the server lore, and some are not.

We have people who know a lot about Conan Lore and are very helpful and willing to help figuring out backgrounds/names and help out with understanding parts of the lore.

We are a community server: this means almost everything is open for a poll, and certainly for discussion! We even have special poll channels and those things on our discord! Any suggestions about settings/roleplay are more than welcome!

We even support the use of minor magic on this server. Reading the server channel about it first is mandatory before becoming a sorcerer.

But… what about mods then?

As of now we run Pippi, Age of Calamitous and Fashionist. Pippi should be well known, and most will have heard of Age of Calamitous. We have folded it into our server lore and the Conan lore, explaining scourge creatures, glowing eyes and pointy ears with a corrupting plague in a major event, rather than use the mod lore with “elves” and similar.

Join our discord https://discord.gg/DaDFfSA 135 , read the rules and check us out!

The discord server features the full rule list, most of it is common sense with explanation,

but here are the basics:

-Don’t block pathways, resources, spawns, lorebooks (you may claim resources though! see the discord for more info)

-Don’t offline raid and no kos

-Don’t metagame, cheat, grief, have rp unfriendly (guild) names

more rules are on the discord, but it’s all common sense mostly.

At our server you will also never be offline raided, and all raids need to have good, valid RP reasons. If you’re tired of trying to RP but keep getting destroyed by random griefers who have no interest in RP, then this server could be for you!

Up and running since Jan 2018!

I joined late last year and I am so glad that I did. The community is so warm and welcoming, the lore has evolved over time, the server roleplay events really make me feel involved, and the server itself is really well looked after. I live on the other side of the world and my ping is still playable!

If you like the idea of a friendly roleplay server, give Rise of the Kingslayers a try!

I have been playing on Rise of the Kingslayers for four months. The players are great, the server rules are common sense and ensure everyone can experience and enjoy Conan, and several of my friends have since joined the server as well. The admins foster creative role play and assist with players who want to carry out personal storylines. If you enjoy heavy role playing and a tight knit community, Rise of the Kingslayers is a definite must.

New event this Saturday at 5pm, come join us and check us out!

The server is still active and I would recommend giving it a try if you like Conan Exiles and roleplay!

The last server event was a lot of fun. A group of us hunted for clues through the jungle, fighting our way through some mutated beasts and finding a few disturbing signs of twisted Yog worshippers.

More events coming every Saturday, last weekend had a major interaction with the story bad guy, lots of good RP and lots of good combat!

Another event this past Saturday that introduced a new dungeon of the insidious Cold Embrace faction. Forced to retreat at the hands of the Barrow Wight, the exiles regroup and strategize their next move.

The last few events have focused on Cold Embrace and their relation to the Scourge. It has been thrilling and created a few mini events, that resulted in the death and transformation of a character!

More events are coming and the stories are evolving!

With an influx of new players, this past Saturday’s event was aimed at lower-level folk. The Darfari shaman traced the disappearances of some of his people back to Hanuman’s Grotto. The group gathered, pushed their way into the cave as the Cultists of Hanuman were set to sacrifice one of the Darfari women (complete with IG ritual chanting thx to Pippi’s Musiqbox). They fought their way through, freed the woman, and procured an Eye of Hanuman. Upon exiting the cavern, Relic Hunters awaited them, demanding the Eye. The party did not surrender it, however the Darfari shaman was captured in the process, as they dragged him back to Sepermeru. The party then decided to create a forgery of the Eye to bargain for the shaman’s freedom. How will this play out? Find out next weekend…