Rise of the Kingslayers (Heavier RP Light PVP WHITELISTED US-EU-AUS)


Lets jump straight into the deep water here: why should you join this server and not one of the many others out here?

We have what a good server should have:

-Active, commited admins, who are making sure the server runs good, making sure no griefers destroy your base while you were busy working, block of areas, and whatever they like doing.
-We have a solid longterm community (around 30 players) which will only grow even bigger over time, while making sure the rp quality and core of the server wont fade away into a glorified pvp server!
-A very expensive 1 year prepaid server, making sure ping wont be in your way, and to make sure this server doesnt go poof and is nowhere to be found in the server browser tab. We have people from both US and EU playing here!
-Unlike some rp servers, we will never abandon our RP. RP is the core of this server, we are no pseudo rp server where you ‘can rp if you want, rp is optional, but most people dont care actually although we wont tell you that’
-We feature near vanilla settings with only tweaks to improve quality of life (this is a personal opinion of course), so dont expect crazy gathering and leveling rates here.

So… and what else does this server offer?
NOTE: This is all optional! If you dont want it/dont like it, you dont NEED to participate!
You can simply ignore it and continue current grinds/conversations!

-Whitelisted. We have a password on the discord to counter trolls and griefers
-We have a good (optional!) server storyline with an actual good villain connected to the CE world with clear goals and reasons. No vague random famous conan lore guy who is just here to spawn mobs everywhere.
-Connected to the server storyline we have CUSTOM built dungeons spread around the world (built in worthless corners, dont worry) which open every weekend, featuring puzzles, riddles, mobs and bosses!
-Besides that we have other events as well, from which some are tied to the server lore, and some are not.
-We have people who know everything about Conan Lore and are very helpful and willing to help figuring out backgrounds/names and help out with understanding parts of the lore.
-We are a community server: this means almost everything is open for a poll, and certainly for discussion! We even have special poll channels and those things on our discord! Any suggestions about settings/roleplay are more than welcome!
-We even support the use of minor magic on this server. Reading the server channel about it first is mandatory before becoming a sorceror.

But… what about mods then?
We solely run the Pippi mod for now, since it is a stable and reliable one being updated all the time. In the future we most probably will add more.

So, have little to no experience with roleplay, or hesitating to get into it?
Join us then, and give it a try! It might seem very big and hard to get into now, but in reality it isnt that hard!
For starters, say or Haha! instead of lol, and greetings instead of hi.
Anyone on the server will gladly help with helping you out if needed!

Have a peek in our discord, and see if you can find potential: https://discord.gg/DaDFfSA
Server IP
no password

The discord server features the full rule list, most of it is common sense with explanation,
but here are the basics:

-Dont block pathways, resources, spawns, lorebooks (you may claim them though! see the discord for more info)
-Dont offline raid and kos
-Dont metagame, cheat, grief, have rp unfriendly (guild) names
more rules are on the discord, but its all common sense mostly.


At our server offline raiding and getting raided by AdolfSchnitzel1945 because he wants to :heart::heart::heart::heart: people over for no reason isnt even possible,
because building damage is disbabled on default! We always have an admin on, to who you should say who youre gonna raid. Then he will check in 10 seconds if he is or is not online, and enable the building damage temporary.
This way ANY drama about raiding cant even happen!


Where is this server located ?

In the US-east, but the server is very expensive, so you can play with no troubles from eu and other parts from the world. Im from the Netherlands for example

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Thanks. No promises, but I will certainly check it out.

Sweet. Hope you’ll like what you find!

We have a special server city set up!
Join us and come to the city to build with others from different clans and groups!
No need to join a clan tho for that!

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Yesterday our event was a succes!
Tag along for various, optional, events, likes story related sieges, dungeons and more!

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Still alive and kicking! New event on the way, be sure to have a peek!

We will whitelist soon: stop by now before we password protect the server!

Almost 5 months old, tag along and find out why!

Server still going strong! Tag along for a RP server with good community and troll and griefer protection!

We are wiped and whitelisted

Edited title and forum add with the password/whitelisting

Still alive and kicking if you think were dead

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The rules are ideal for RP but still having PvP be one possible outcome, which is excellent.

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Role play exquisite

Server lore so beautiful

Good Community

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Trying to build home

No Kos nor offline raiding

Still impotence feared

This looks like an interesting server, but is there room to build? Some servers get jammed up with non active bases and such.

Server still going strong, plus plenty of space while still hitting the 20 players peak times, since this server is adminned and maintained with care and properly

Give us a try, and see if you understand why we have been around for 6,5 months