[PC] Rise! A Gor-Inspired RP server

Rise! A Gor-Inspired RP Server.
Long ago, when the Priest Kings journeyed through the stars, they found our world and deemed it ripe for settlement. When they descended, their arrival caused a cataclysm and wiped out nearly all of civilization. Now, we have rebuilt. Now we have made factions, and claimed lands after driving the priest kings out. Which will you join? How will you choose to live?

Rise! Has spun the lore of Conan Exiles, with the ideals of John Norman’s GOR Series to create a story rich and engaging server. Players are able rise in power and control territories and shape how our story will run. Will you be the one to unite the Jezu desert tribes? Will you rule the northlands of Norsca? Or will you direct the path of the thieves guild within the lush jungles of Lurian? Come make your claim!

Our Rates:
Harvest: x3
EXP: x3
Slots: 40



Our Story
Long ago, when the Priest Kings journeyed through the stars, they found our world and deemed it ripe for settlement. When they descended, their arrival caused a great cataclysm and wiped out all but a fragment of our species. Not even the Atlanteans, the pinnacle of our kind were spared and they too were cast to the ashes of history where all that remains of Humanity were cave dwellers.

Free from the planets former inhabitants, the Priest Kings observed the scattered few whilst planning to fully colonise Earth in the prospects of returning their Empire to its former glory. Despite their power, there was only a small number of them, which meant the Priest Kings could only construct one great city in the middle of a desert. Despite their near decimation of Human-Kind, what did survive multiplied and began to squabble through the ruins of their world for its remaining resources, eventually putting pressure on the mighty Priest Kings city.

The desert the Priest Kings had claimed as their home were known to the remnants as the Exiled Lands, a place where their worst are sent and soon the number of Exiles banished within grew to such an extent that the Priest Kings revealed themselves to the primitive Humans. They became Gods to these simple minds, whose technology was more like magic than science and soon were both worshiped and feared, turned into labour for their city as well as their peoples entertainment in one form or another.

Very little is known what happened to these God like beings out in the desert, or how the Humans within their lands cast them down. Legends claim there are great tablets cast about the ruins of the once great land, each containing a piece of history for the curious to discover. Perhaps in time, you will find these tablets, heed its words and understand what truly happened in these Exiled Lands. Perhaps you will cast down the great barrier that keeps the Exiles and the rest of its people forever apart.

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The East Kingdom of Luran
The Kingdom of Luran is an unforgiving jungle, populated by exotic beasts, seedy merchants and otherwise dangerous individuals. Explorers tend to be drawn to the land through stories of riches that are said to lie deep within an old and near forgotten ruin. There are whispers of beast men stalking the dense jungle as well as an ancient Witch-Queen who lurks deep within the ruin itself, although no one alive can confirm if the rumours are true, or if it was a ruse set up by the Outlaws to fend off the curious from the gold inside. Any who journey into jungle are never seen again or if they are, return changed and altered by their experiences, for their ramblings speak of pirates, assassins and cults of a wicked nature who serve an unknown master

The North Kingdom of Norsca
The savage kingdom of Norsca, a kingdom mostly covered in ice and snow making up the northern realm of the exiled lands. The Norscan people are a barbaric, war-like people they’re rugged and weather beaten from their cold lands. They raid the southern wastes for slaves and valuables. Often a head ache for their desert counterparts in Jezu seeing as to a Norscan a Jezu woman is the ultimate prize. Mind set, need’s are at the center of the mindset, luxuries and fineries are often seen as weakness. Most often they are Hunters and Warriors, with a few select religious guides. Social structure, primal. Norsca Free women are often looked at as assets and not often enslaved. They often carry light weapons, hand axes, short swords, and hunting bows. Don’t be surprised if you see them defending their hearth and home. Leadership, Military matters, High Jarl, and down the command chain. Peace times, High Jarl, Second male in command and the Jarls woman in his absence.

The Deserts of the Jezu Tribe
Long ago, the Jezu tribes were once united under a single leader and ruled over the entirety of the desert. They were a tribe of craftsmen, artisans and merchants and considered one of the more civilized people in the Exiled Lands. Recently however, as other factions evolved around them, the Tribe began to fracture, its leadership called into question. While it was originally a patriarchal tribe, there were those within the Tribe that desired it otherwise and so it divided into three smaller tribes. The Jezu’Tra remained true to the old ways that kept them in power, to take the females of neighbouring kingdoms as their slaves, while the males of the Tribe could take positions of power and rule. The Jezu’Ahk, opposite to the Tra, had females in positions of power, where they were no longer held under the oppression of their male counterparts and sought to develop themselves how they saw fit. Finally, there were the Jezu’Voh who did not care for the superiority in one gender or the other, believing both were capable and equal, working alongside each other in all things while seeking to maintain peace between the Tra and the Ahk as they warred against one another.

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Currently working on a daily log in NPC which will reset at the start of each month. Welcoming any and all ideas from the playerbase!

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Getting new players each and every day! Looking forward to meeting you all in game!

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Server events and more quests underway!

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I am fairly new to the server and already can see a great RPing gaming field. Well designed and managed. Looking forward to loads of fun and excited to bring a great deal RP to the game!

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Market place is up, and will be selling Thespians soon for everyone. Jheon has joined the server and has built an arena to hold events at! Looking forward to seeing how this all goes!

Information on how to claim one of the five kingdoms will be available soon!

Fun people, good supportive and creative admins.