Black Dragon boots dyes glitched

as of Age of Sorcery patch Black Dragon boots now glitched not showing dye colors

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Greetings r3dsonj4!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding the Black Dragon boots.

In order for our team to properly assist you, could you please send us a picture of the Black Dragon boots so we can see how they are dyed ?

Thank you in advance!

i have several sets all dyed different colors, all same problem, Siptah and Exiled lands, as you can see in the second picture, the dyes don’t correspond to the color

Thank you very much for these images r3dsonj4!

Are you perhaps playing on a Private server with Mods, or is this happening on an Official server where you are playing at?

singleplayer, no mods installed ever in the history of my 2900 hours of play, full vanilla

you can use my save files to look, from this thread:

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