Black Galleon missing terrain pieces

I’ve seen this reported before, but it was never acknowledged and obviously never fixed, so I feel it is time to report it again.

There are two terrain pieces missing from the Black Galleon. It looks like they were accidentally deleted at some point and went unnoticed. I am not sure what patch broke them, it may have been in the 2.1 update.

The first piece, located around 88282 96341 -6955 is a broken bridge and is more obvious as it results in a floating chest:

The second piece, located around 82078 96279 -6837 is a missing balcony. This piece almost looks natural, as the pieces that remain are all supported, but it does trap one NPC on the balcony, and the other NPC spawns partially in midair and sometimes can fall down to the ground below:

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Apologies for the delay in our response. We’ll forward your report to our team for further investigation.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

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This topic is pretty old, but I am bumping it for a few reasons. First being that these problem spots still haven’t been fixed, also because I have noticed another piece of missing terrain, and thirdly, because there are several new “burnt” terrain pieces.

The third piece is located around 80633 94128 -6767 and is easy to overlook because it is on the very edge of the Black Galleon, and the pirate who spawns here will immediately jump down to the river below as soon as the player nears their area:

The new problem pieces look burnt, but are clearly messed up upon close inspection. They seem to be missing part of their texture on top and are colored black on the inside. The Black Galleon is the only location where I’ve seen these so far, and I found three of them:


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