Black Ice-Reinforced Wooden Door

Hi I just noticed all my black ice reinforced doors are reading Hp 0/25,000 and it won’t let me put back to inventory or repair them is anyone else having this issue after the last update? I’m on Xbox one Official server 2504 PVE

I was on 2504 last night and didn’t have any issues with my doors. I should be back on tonight and can let you know what I see. I’m down by the Noob rivet recreating Lake Town from the Hobbit. My character goes by Idun the Fair.

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Thx it looks like it’s only the Black Ice reinforced doors that’s effected the other doors are working fine

No problem. Feel free to look me up

Same problem but not on door on elevator

Im not on the game at the moment but my clan mate checked our elevators and he said they are working fine for us he can even place in inventory … but as for the doors if it’s just my clan that’s effected then I guess I would have to destroy and place new ones just want to know if it’s just me that’s getting this glitch or bug or is this a server problem and everyone is having this problem

Well I destroyed one of my Black Ice reinforced doors and placed a new one and it didn’t fix the problem it still says 0/2500 and can’t remove it to place in my inventory

Several people have the same problem, mostly with elevators, though.

They melted lol

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