Blades - The Truth


I’ve read a lot on the net about blades being not a very good weapon for any scenario - people recommending hammers or firearms instead. But many of the posts are old - is this still true? Should I move from my blade to something else?


That really depend what you want out of the game. I’m perfectly happy maining blade. I’m extremely happy about it where you need some nice healing to go along with your damage, like DA, faction missions and other scaled solo fights.


It’s still true that it only evens out in the long run and it’s hard to fight a fight hard enough to get to that long run. The popular weapons (rifle/hammer) have good first 10 seconds performance because their gimmicks just work that way.


If you are looking for bragging rights after coming top of the DPS meters, then blade is probably not for you.

If you enjoy the way blade plays, and you’re good at not standing in the fire as a melee player, then it shouldn’t be stopping you from doing anything.
It’s like taking 13 seconds to kill something instead of 10 seconds. One is technically 30% slower, and if you’re trying to do it in 9 seconds, one is much closer than the other. Either way though, your target’s still going to die pretty quickly. (numbers are illustrative only and have no exact basis)


I like blade as a primary for dps, self-healing and cleansing. Also for the look of some blade weapons.


From what I heard sword is actually a good weapon for scenario thanks to solid selfheals. It will never outdamage AR and never outsubstain hammer but that is true for any weapon.

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I’m very fond of Blade. I used it in TSW and now in SWL. In fact, I have two characters at 50 and both are Blade/Shotgun. Also, both use the Soviet Techsword which frees up a power slot. It’s the best combo I’ve found.

If you’re into dungeons and are in a cabal with tanks who keep things at bay, probably a ranged weapon style is the best way to go. If you’re a solo adventurer like me, why have a ranged power as main? Nearly everything closes on me. The basic AoE is effective and the Blade gives me a good self-heal. I use my trusty shotgun as a ranged finisher if I need one.

I think many people complain about Blade because they’re not putting up big numbers right away for their team, but we who solo don’t care about damage stats and Blade always gets the job done.

I’m glad this game has a good soloing weapon like Blade.


I use chaos/blade in OD on both my characters, it’s very good in there, yes.


Yes. Blade has no group synergy, requires a complex rotation just to maintain a dps that’s mediocre compared to other weapons. It’s ok in solo work (but again, other weapons are better for both damage and survivability, but in solo it doesn’t generally matter) if you’re a casual player. Beyond that, you want to ditch it for almost anything else.

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