Blessed Derketos Kiss

What is the point of making it blessed? It doesn’t give more slivers or anything, i would understand if it gave 2 slivers per corpse.

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I believe it has a much higher durability, so you don’t have to repair it as often. I wish it gave more slivers, but I’m ok with the durability bonus. :slight_smile:

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Yes it has higher durability. However, to fix it you need to use regular Derkrtos kisses which can be a pain.

I agree, the blessed religious tools should come with some bonus.
Not just a lil durability…


Nah it make no sense to collect 2 hearts on a dead body with Set poniard for example. Exiles are not Space Marines !

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I’ve never once had an issue with that, so I’m not sure how it can be a pain. /shrug

It’s more than a “lil” durability, I’ve actually found it to be quite useful. I guess there’s just no pleasing some people.

Then call it “part of a human heart” instead?
And how does is make sense for us to gather iceshards from dead bodies? (I know, those used to be taken from trees, but still…)

Hm. I had to check again. (using sp, no way I waste those materials on some official server…)
It’s usually 220 durability against 450. I think set dagger is the sole exception with 120 and 450 durability, which is most likely not intended?
Thats all? That is what one wastes 50 zeals on?
As this is a tool to get zeals by harvesting a religious material, it makes little to no sense to me…

At least the durability kit makes sense on some tool that way… :wink:
Because the enhanced one simply adds 150 durability on top. Closing the gap between the nooby and lvl 60 versions down to 80. Plus another lil difference between those two - which is clearly in favor of the lower one. :wink:

So what will everyone prefer: Being able to repair the tool on the run, because of iron bar drops - or having a low increase of durability in exchange for not being able to repair on the run, using only drops for that?

So it is a very little upgrade in terms of durability. Not even setites need to use the enhanced version.

I dont care eighter way. There isnt a single reason to waste those materials on the “blessed” version.
Instead, there are only reasons against doing so. I will stick to the basic one, allowing myself to use those iron bars which got dropped by the owner of that hearth in my inventory to repair said tool…

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i agree the blessed derketo kiss needs some extra bonus to make it interesting and appealing like allowing dead npcs to respawn faster (but yeah i’m aware it’s kinda complicated to script).

But the idea of a top tier religious tool is good and should be worked further in order to find a balanced and beneficial bonus to its counterpart. i hope the devs will see this thread and then have a deeper thought to this matter.

Meanwhile i will stick to my regaular derketo kiss which is SO CHEAP to repair.


But what could be thought of?
Maybe instead of human meat/flesh a single zeal per harvest?
Like the enhanced version giving us the material plus maybe 3 zeals? In case of set, gathering hearts will stay way more effective - but in case of others, it would help with the masses we need to gather. Also - as I assume it will be the same like with sp and spawned zeals there - we will be able to gather for multiple altars at the same time. Because one can move them from inventory to somewhere else, but never from the altars (or dropped bags) into the inventory.

I think its not worth to mention, but obviously the basic tools would stay the same, giving us flesh. So there would be an actual bonus for enhanced versions.
(btw, did anyone else notice the difference in weight?)

Maybe it could give you 1 sliver of the unfulfilled as well as 10 bugs to make an elixir of freedom.

Surely the unwashed masses of the exiled lands are crawling with bugs when they die.

I think we can all agree that the blessed weapons lack an “umph” factor that make them worth the cost and effort.

Yes they have increases durability but at the cost of requiring the base religious tool to repair. This limits the repair on the fly option of the normal tools.

They provide no additional harvest bonus. It would be nice if say they all granted extra hide maybe or generate thick hide instead of normal. This would be less immersion breaking than harvesting say 2 hearts, but at least would be something.

Still until there is some improvement to the value of these items, they just don’t seem worth the effort.

We might need a new item in order to make it meaningfull :

Like an exceptional "human heart/ unblemished meat/ shards etc… (of course only harvestable with a blessed religion tool)
And once you use this “exceptional” item in the altar, you get 2 zeals


Well, the actual weapons are fine. As we can simply farm and then craft them. No special crafting ingredients. Just plain starmetal and a few zeals. The tools are the problem - and only them.

Oh! I like that one! An exceptional McYoggie… drools


So it’s basically pointless then :upside_down_face:

Would you like fries with that?

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It’s a status symbol. When I roll up on a freshly slaughtered body and whip out my blessed piece… ballers, hey hollah… And the haters be hatin on my blinged out derketos kiss. Legit. Y’all feelin me, yo?!

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