Crafting Derketos Kiss at a Pleasure Place of Derketo NOT making manifestation of zeal

Game mode: Single player - PC SP PVP version 100903 / 18632
Problem: Bug
Region: United States

Crafting Derketos Kiss on a Pleasure Place of Derketo is not making Manifestation of Zeal.

Crafting Derketos Armor on a Pleasure Dome of Derketo is MAKING Zeal.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build Pleasure Place of Derketo
  2. Craft Derketos Kiss on the altar
  3. Created 100 Derketos Kiss with no zeal appearing at all.
  4. Prostrate on back to Derketo and plead to make it right…

Same here as well on PC but in a online official server #1821, i built a pleasure place of derketo and crafted the dagger but it produced no zeals, went back to my original alter in the south where my first 10 zeals were and tried making daggers there and it also did not work. Cant upgrade the alters at this point.

I believe it is in the patch note…crafting cheap tools won’t get you zeal now, you need to craft the harvest items

Lyserus - the harvest items? Do you mean to use Derketo’s Kiss on human corpses to get the zeal?

But zeal cannot be removed from the altar and you can’t craft Derketos Blessing until you have a Pleasure Palace of Derketo. You can’t upgrade from the Pleasuer Place to the Pleasure Dome without 30 Zeal, so how do you get the 30 zeal? I will check the notes also and see what is up with it.


There are only a couple things you can craft and he said some things won’t give you zeal now. Craft the other things at the altar :confused:

Oh you mean like the transmute stuff? Okay, so you craft Derketos Kiss, use it to harvest Slivers of Yearning or whatever, then craft the small transmute stuff, That does work, Okay thanks mattbar, that did work now.,.,…