How do you craft the Lusttaker?

I just got my Derketo altar to T3, someone on my server hooked me up with 40 bars of star metal, and I invested points into the feat to craft the Derketo sword “Lusttaker”. The problem I’m running in to, though, is that it needs to be crafted on a blacksmith bench, and it requires manifestations of zeal. Well, unfortunately I can’t put any zeal on the blacksmith bench.

So how does one go about crafting this thing?? How do I move zeal over to the station??


still hasnt been fixed. its a bug, it should be crafted in the altar
its been broken since testlive alpha and its still not fixed by launch… fin funcom fix your crap… i cant believe a game with full nudity and gore has a problem with my cussing in this comment.

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