Blocking game content or not

Hello, an unpleasant situation has occurred on our server. One clan was offended by the opposition to him and began to abuse the complaints functionality. They filed complaints against all the clans that opposed them in one way or another. Complaints were filed on a formal basis. This is recognized by the clan itself who filed complaints. In the chat, they brag that they have banned 3 clans. But that’s stupid. The complaints functionality does not exist for this. It is designed to solve problems, not to be a weapon for attack. Dishonest, unscrupulous. Where the main goal is to harm an honest player, not solving problems.
The situation is as follows. players of the Les Bianki clan were banned on server 1212 . Their base was in Deserter’s Gutter, this is a well-known place, many large clans are building it up. there is no content in it. It is a ruin covered with sand. In slang, a barrel. There are several passageways nearby, that is, it does not restrict movement either. The building limits the passage through it, this is the only way to protect the base built there. Outside there are small brands that prevent God from calling right at the entrance. This is a standard building, so does everyone who settles in Deserter’s Gutter.
The whole clan was given temporary bans, because they were not involved in anything. But it is impossible to file an appeal against them. I remind you that the clan that filed the complaints did it with intent, as it admitted in the chat of the game and said that several clans were banned. A big request is not to indulge such dishonest players, not to turn a complaint tool into a player harassment tool. The base has already been deleted by the administration, please reconsider the punishment of the Les Bianki clan players on the 1212 server.

Sometimes we fought with them, sometimes we were friends, but their base doesn’t bother us, like most other players. If we fight them again, we will use honest methods and destroy the base by means of the game, and not by fictitious complaints.


HI @Red_Baron

Please feel free to reach out to our team over on Zendesk if you have any questions.

Also you can check out our official server rules as well as our land claim abuse post for more inforamtion on building violations.