Blood and Sand weapons

Pardon the likely silly question as I am sure I am just missing something, but how in the hell do you craft the flawless versions of these weapons?

I have crafted them all to test then out but cannot for the life of me craft the flawless versions.

You need for epic a T3 working thrall and for epic flawless a T4.

Working thralls also reduce ressource and/or fuel burning time or crafting time.

Edit: I mean in general. Brb, checking if there is even an epic or flawless version.

Edit2: at least it exist in the wiki:
Epic flawless:

So you need a t4 blacksmith

I admin spawned in every tier 4 black smith that I didn’t already have and checked them. None of them could make flawless.

Weird,all of them should make it

Bear in mind, you need all the prerequisite talents yourself now, as the long-standing feature where crafting thralls could craft things you didn’t know has been removed.

And yes, I know it was supposedly a bug, but I refuse to call it such :stuck_out_tongue:
Always made more sense that skilled crafters could create things they knew, even if the player character didn’t. Doesn’t matter in the big picture, feat points are easy to come by, but still an odd thing to fix.


Nothing wierd about it just normal funcom non existant QA

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  1. I can make every other DLC weapon flawless - I cannot make any of the Blood and Sands weapons flawless

  2. I can make all of the DLC armors flawless - including Blood and Sands

  3. I can make all of the DLC shields flawless - including Blood and Sands

Question: Why can’t I make Blood and Sands weapon flawless?

Is anyone else having this problem? Maybe there is something stupid simple that I am missing but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it may be.

I have all of the relevant crafting feats and I tested it with every black smith in the game (went into admin and spawned them all in to no avail). I simply cannot understand why the Blood and Sands weapons are unavailable for me to craft… nor can anyone else on my server craft them.

Just a bit frustrated at this point…

As I dont have the DLC, I cannot test it… But the Chosen of Asura have for sure the DLCs, as they get it for free.

@Multigun @Croms_Faithful @SirBowen TheLOLxd2 Vattende could someone of you (or anyone else with the newest DLC) test that?


Are you using mods maybe?

Thx @Multigun

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