Anyone found thrall that makes Flawless?

as in title ahve anyone found a thrall that makes flawless picts weapon?
havent got a tier 3 or named armorer yet so not sure if its the same there,

But my t3 blacksmith makes weapons from both the other Dlc’s but not the pict dlc.

Will check when I get home if you don’t get an answer before then (though I reckon you will!).

thanks, no answer yet though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made Flawless Pictish armors. Haven’t checked my blacksmith though.

All tier 4 make flawless DLC, all DLC.

I have 5 different named Blacksmiths, not including duplicates and they all have the flawless for Pictish. Same for armor, same for carpenters and bows.

hmm strange, well my clan member didnt have the improved blacksmith yet though so might be that i hope.

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