BLOOD AND STEEL! PVP/PVE 3XALL Portals,events,Merchants etc


Blood and Steel 3xAll/Events/+starterkit+
Great server for a new start with ur friends!Come get ur PRIME location for your base! server is new looking to grow!there is a town for your use and Portal across map at the cost of Currency!Active admins 24/7
•Server Title: Blood And Steel
•Server IP:
•Region: America!
•Map: Exiled Lands
•Mode:PvP,Base Protection Raid time 18:00 23:00
•Rates:3X XP/H
•70 player slots
•No Wipes
•Custom Dungeons/Raids
•Trading/CommunityCenter Named: Uthgard Keep
••Star metal,tools and wep &Tamed Bear
•Mods: Pippi, pickup+,river boats,Thrall War Dungeon Mod,WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles, Minni-map