Blood Splatter On Screen

I’m seeing the blood splatter on the edges of my screen constantly. It kind of fades in and out like a pulsing effect. Is there something I’m missing? Im full health and stamina. Am I too hot? My temp meter is in the middle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It’s a bug - report it in the Bugs thread please so they can address this. I get the same thing - only workaround I’ve found so far is to remove bracelet.

Will do. Was kind of thinking it might be a bug. I tried everything. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I uploaded a screenshot as well to clarify. Glad others are reporting as it’s more of an irritant than game breaking.

Always good when you google a bug and find an old thread…meaning they still haven’t fixed it.


so I deleted a bunch of saves got in a fight, waited. I have full health with blood stuck on the screen and theres no way to fix it and i cant load back. I want my money back. I was all the way at the second fort.

this game is terrible. it is a crime that they charge anyone for it because its so glitchy its unplayable

What was in the beginning is and ever shall be… Thought they fixed that one but I saw it back recently.:smile:

Not bug, feature

I think this one is too hard to fix for them actually. Its like… only been about 2 years now working on this bug and they have not even gotten close to fixing this one. What’s been said and whats been done on this bug are evidently two different things given its still here.

removing bracelet only works untill you lose some health then that feature comes back for me. Since its a bug and already reported one has to wait.

Im just dissapointed that they are working on DLC’s and not bug fixing :(:rage:

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