Blood spatter on screen!

There seems to be a bug in the effect of blood splatter on the screen. The only way to get rid of it is to pull ones bracelet. Even then it only last until you log off. Once you log back in, the blood splatter is back. It does not seem to matter if you have full health. Temperature is at the mid way point, no hunger or thirst. So what gives?


I am also experiencing this. pretty annoying. login at full health, but screen is acting like i am about to die with the blood effect.

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I have also had this. I logged in and my health said it was at half and my hunger and thirst appeared to be i correct as well… As i had JUST logged out with them full and logged back in to fix some other issue and had the blood around the edges of my screen. I drank some water and my health/food/water went back to where they should have been but the blood never went away. Even letting something hit me until i was nearly dead and then healing up didnt make it go away.

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I have had this issue as well as of yesterday. Even pulling off my bracelet did not fix it. This coincided with my inability to connect to any online server, though I don’t know if they are related. It’s faint, but particularly visible against the dark rock in the bottom left corner. It’s pretty visible against the sky. Two Pictures below:

Edit: When I log in, it shows my HP as half health until I take out a weapon and then my health is at full. I would assume this is somehow related.

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I’m having this problem too. I play on an official online server. It seems to be random whenever it affects me. Sometimes I log in and it takes effect, sometimes not.

Just want to let the Devs know i have this issue as well.

Same here. Blood spatter stays on the screen for a long time.

I’m currently experiencing this and it won’t go away no matter what I try. VERY ANNOYING

I have this issue too but after getting hurt below 25% and healing it goes away till the next load screen or log in

So here we are 3.5 months after this post began and there is no solution?
Solutions I’ve used:
*Suicide, Run back and collect my stuff. Problem is no matter where I choose I spawn in the desert.
*Use food and water, wait for full recovery, log to menu and log back in.

So where is the fix? I’m concerned because Funcom customer support told me to post on the updates and bugs page for my server issues. This was so the devs who “check the forum daily” can find a solution to the problem, and patch the game.

To this I replied that’s all well and good, but I would like help fixing the immediate problem. (I’m glad they want a permanent fix, but since people are running dedicated servers all the time, this should be able to be solved on a case by case basis.)

My most recent reply from them is as follows.
“Thank you for your response!
Unfortunately, Funcom Customer Service doesn’t have any means of assisting with Conan Exiles issues. We don’t have any investigative tools or administrative access for the game. This is why we are directing you to the forums for assistance. I know it’s a frustrating answer, and we wish we could help you with the matter, but we’re simply not able to. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Not impressed…