Blood on screen edges

I’m seeing the blood splatter on the edges of my screen constantly. It kind of fades in and out like a pulsing effect. Is there something I’m missing? Im full health and stamina. Am I too hot? My temp meter is in the middle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Seriously. This is so annoying. It happens constantly and doesn’t go away. For some reason, when I login, my health looks like its at half for a few seconds, then it fills to full, but the blood splatter on the screen edges stays there… I have 30 vitality, so maybe something to do with the game thinking I have low health before it adds in all the hp i get from vitality? /shrug

same here at every login… uff

Can you see if relogging fixes this issue? We do see that on TestLive as well. We noted it down :slight_smile:

relogging or dying fixes it. i last had this month ago (turning on godmode did fix it as well)

Then that’s the same issue. We have it on our list since it’s also happening on TestLive.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just bring your health below half and heal up again, so that it vanishes as it is supposed to.

The cause for this is related to another bug that you spawn with half HP even though you are full. Eating something or any other regen pops your HP to max in an instant. Just another borked mechanic, like so many others.

Maybe an event that ends the visual effect isnt called when the health treshold is reached. IE. an if-statement that is called when the healthbar reaches a certain percentage, thatdoesnt get fired because the hp value jumps over the threshold the if is listening to.

Possible, not likely. I kinda expect better code from a professional game company ;p

i have the same exact issue. Luckily the servers have been crashing all weekend so at least I didn’t have to see the blood splatter effect…