This happen to anyone else upon logging in?

Besides all the other crap that happens like I crashed two minutes after logging in today but does anyone else suffer from this issue:

You log in with only 1/3rd of your health and that annoying (and totally unnecessary) red blood splash around your screen.

You waste your resource (aloe soup) to heal and either it doesn’t work or you get full health but that annoying and unnecessary blood splash is still there.


You log out and log in up to 10 times to see if you log in at full health (without the BS blood splash)

I like this game but the lack of cleaning up issues is getting old - maybe (NO)Funcom will introduce another ethnic set for $9.95 instead of fixing things?

Logging in to half health and visual blood splatter on the screen is an old and very frequent bug.
Usually eating any food will instantly jump your health bar to full again. (So don’t waste a heal-specific item on it. If you do not get the health bar return to full after eating a piece of food then relog as probably nothing will increase your health other than dying.)
Unfortunately the visual blood splatter will remain until you die or login without the bug.

It’s random when this happens … I tend to log off in the same place in the same equipment most of the time … sometimes it happens … sometimes it doesn’t … due to this unpredictable and unreliable occurrence I think it’s very hard for Funcom bug fixers to get it to occur so they can investigate the coding issue.


in order to to remove the splash either die or take damage which brings you below half and then heal up. normally i would jump of my base which drops me below 50% and then heal up and the issue is gone.

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If you have a clan mate ask him/her to kick you, that will clear the healthbar issue - not the stupid bloodspatter tho.

For me is the solution:
You only have to relog. After the second login just take some damage (jump somewhere down) and you will see HP is filling up and the blood splash’s are gone.

This had been fine for months and then the bug resurfaced with the Building Optimization patch. Personally, I just jump off my balcony a few times until I’m below half health, and then let regen wipe the blood stains away.


Pulling my bracelet when I get this bug works well after logging in.

Doesn’t happen everytime, but had pulled my bracelet and respawned with full health.

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