Blood Splatters but not really injured

Game mode: [Online] - Rented Gportal Server - XBOX
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

More than 50% of the time when I log into the game, my character shows at 50% health with blood splatters around the screen. If I jump or combat roll, my health goes back to 100% since I was really not injured, BUT the blood splatters stay on the screen for the rest of that session.

It does not affect game play, but it is annoying.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in
  2. Jump or Roll
  3. Play with splattered screen

Hello there, I heard a work around is to take off your bracelet (saving at a bed/bedroll of course) and when you re-spawn the splatter should be gone, after healing up. I hope this helps! :grinning:

I have noticed this also, although it only happens when I logout in the open and then log back in. When I eat, my health immediately returns to full.

In the past I have used that work around, but if you do that you lose your war paint. I do not use that work around anymore because I do not want to keep making my war paint.

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