50% Dead and Blood Splatters when logging in

Game mode: Online - GPortal Private Server, but has happened on Official Servers
Problem: Bug
Region: America

This started happening after the Xbox (1GB?) update after the launch.

Right before logging off, I drink and eat so I have 100% on both thirst and hunger and I also make sure that my health is 100%. I also lay down in a safe area where I cannot be attacked.

When logging into the game (15-60 minutes later), I am always at 50% health. When I eat something (1-lobster), my health jumps to 100%, but I still see light blood spatters around the edge of the screen that never go away.

The only way to correct it that I have found is to put all my stuff in a chest and pull off the bracelet or let something kill me. When I respawn into the game I am at 50% health, but once I eat enough to regenerate my health to 100%, the red splatters around the screen disappear.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game without issues.
  2. Find a safe place to shelter.
  3. Drink until Thirst meter is 100%
  4. Eat until Hunger meter is 100%.
  5. Eat until Health meter is 100%.
  6. Lay down using Relax-Sleep.
  7. Log off of game using Exit to Main Menu.
  8. Log back into the game.
  9. Character is standing not laying down (as it did in the past when sleeping).
  10. Character’s Health meter shows 50% and light blood splatter pattern is around the edges of the screen.
  11. Eat 1 Lobster and health immediately jumps to 100% and light blood splatter pattern is still around the edges.
  12. Place all items in inventory, worn armor, and hot bar into box/chest/bench.
  13. Take off Bracelet or find something to kill the character.
  14. Respawn back at Bedroll.
  15. Pick up all items from box/chest/bench.
  16. Eat lobster one at a time until Health regenerates back to 100%. The blood splatters finally all disappear.
  17. Re-equip all gear and play the game as normal.