Health bar not properly reporting full health/ Persistent blood splatter effect

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

PC private dedicated server

Logging on, character displays half full health bar (200/400) and has blood splatter damage indicator around screen. If I go in admin mode I can see that character is at max full health (400/400).

Using a regenerative item immediately bumps health bar to full but blood splatter remains until character dies and respawns

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in
  2. See health bar not properly reporting current health
  3. Use regenerative food to get to full health
  4. Still have blood splatter effect until kill/respawn character

Eating food will cause your health bar to update, and reflect your actual health. Often, a relog will correct the blood splatter (save those tattoos!).

What usually works for me is to jump down from a high place that will take me to rather low health (where the blood splatters start to appear) and then heal up from there.

It’s annoying nontheless.

Still happening after MoA Patch and hotfix. Eating a food or changing gear bumps health meter to full but blood spatter on screen (not body) is still persistent unless I kill the character. Annoying because in certain lighting it obscures things in the world.