BloodBorn Xbox Server looking for new exiles!

:star2: We invite you to join the BloodBorn server, where a vibrant community of exiles awaits! Our friendly, no-drama server hosts special events, limited-time bounties, and encourages the creation of public locations like bars and restaurants. With enhanced gameplay settings—tougher NPCs and thralls, inventory-only drop on death, and occasional XP boosts—you’re in for an immersive and exciting experience. Plus, events and bounties offer exclusive, modified items not found in the base game.

Our community thrives on respect and fun. We don’t tolerate hate speech, trolling, or griefing. While PVP is regulated and event-based for fairness, building creatively but responsibly is encouraged. Limit your thralls, use radium lights to reduce lag, and keep our world clean by removing temporary structures. PVP is allowed with admin approval, and special PVP events provide thrilling combat opportunities. Embrace the adventure, join our Discord, and become a key part of our thriving BloodBorn community today!

Click here for our website + Discord invite