Roleplay - PvP / server 40 slot

New roleplay sever looking for like minded and exp. role-players.

Server is built stat wise for roleplay purpose and pvp so you can have a mixed but fun balance play
We also have a prebuilt kingdom made and a Discord for the server plus a arena too with much more coming.
We have events and the server is 40 slots for max amount of players to join.

I am looking to fill some administration roles and other roles too people that have the necessary exp. to for fill the role.


Don’t be afraid to ask any questions about the server too

Hello! I’m interested, if you don’t mind that I’ve been playing for about a month. Let me know how to find you if it ok with ya. Take care.

If you are trying to get ahold of me add Delta01Fire on xbox

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Great! I’ll do that tomorrow morning. Thanks

we still have slots open to fill

Me and a buddy are interested. We just got the game a couple weeks ago and have only been playing single player co op.