[XBOX] Conan Exiles Dedicated Server (Possible Role-Play Server)

So I’m thinking of purchasing a 40 slot server monthly to start up some great video content ; or just to have some fun. I’m open to making it a Role Playing server. I would like only serious and active players to make this a fun experience.

This server will have a facebook page, discord, and other cool features!!

If you are interested, just put your email or gamertag below.

If you want to put some money forth monthly, you will have elevated privileges on the community.

Hope this gets off the ground and running.

  • LYC4N

I’m interested, don’t wanna leave my information here yet though. I’m a PC player with 1k hours, and around 500 on Xbox. I find most of my enjoyment comes from PvP. From friendly duels, to clan v clan massacres, to multiple hour long raids/sieges. I follow all rules, and operate with respect and diplomacy. I would like to RP and lead either a band of mercenaries, or become an enforcer for a faction or region. Keep in touch please!

I’m interested. Email Eidson_82@yahoo.com . More interested in the RP if it happens that way. I’m in an RP server now, but most of their RP happens in Discord and when I do run up on someone in game, no one talks they just emote.

Interested gamer tag is ReefTaco863

Interested gamertag thelifebusiness

I’m interested Gamertag is Ckroth Valor. I work Monday through Friday. 7 to 3. But I play every afternoon and weekends. I’m new to Conan and this so bare with me. Never role played any game before, but looks fun and I would love to join. I love anything’ Conan.

trying to get in a good server. Xbox gamertag:Unicorn llama06