(Xbox One) NEW Roleplay Server and Community

Hi all,

Ever wanted to roleplay Conan Exiles (Xbox One) with like-minded people? Now you can!

Trading resources between clans is strongly encouraged. Establish trade routes, create stores, and more!

We would like to integrate “mega clans” where there are only 3-5 clans but players may choose to break into subsidiaries of those clans. This would cause players to come together, work together, and make new friends and communities.

This new server will have limited PvP, meaning no RDM. Attacks/Raids must be for valid reason or conducted at appropriate times (ie. weekends)

Want to run a shop? Go for it! Want to be a chef? Have at it! Mercenary for hire? You get the idea…

Bonus Weekends:
There will be occasional weekends with bonus XP - Double, Triple, Quintuple, or more!
There will also be occasional weekends with bonus gather rates!

Griefing unacceptable. RDM may be compensated by admin. Other activities negatively affecting player experience will also be moderated.

Other things we’d like to do with this server include:

  • Admin-built Quests/missions
  • If the community becomes big enough, we will create a website for server events, requests, discussion and more.
  • Discord channel for constant contact with admins.

There will be a $4/mo (that’s $1/week!) fee to play on the server to help offset the cost of running the server and to help cover moderation. We will do our best to ensure this cost is worth it for the experience!

Ages 16+ preferred

Enjoy Conan Exiles

If you have any other questions or are interested in joining, leave a comment and feel free to join our Discord with code: vzJnXSH