New Xbox Semi-boosted PvP Rp Server

Hi my name is draylina and I’m here to tell you about my new server or should u say your server,in this server you decide how the rules are built and how the stats are.Im building this server on the happiness and fun of others and fully use suggestions to the max extent I can.I want a new type of server free from the tyranny of most other servers where people feel like they actually matter in the grander scheme of the servers future.we are currently looking for players to populate this server all are welcome.As long as you follow the basic rules you will be totally fine and ofcourse they are open for change.Btw we are semi rp but that wont intrude on non rpers or the other way around.
The server name is Draylinia
The discord is

(I’m not draylina just her friend thought I’d post her paragraph about here server here for her)

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Nice server with a mix of RP and Pvp.