BLOODY SANDS - EU - PvP - 3xE 2xH - Started 26/07/18

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Bloody Sands is a EU based PvP server that started on 26th July 2018. PvP is kept open and fair. This is accomplished by allowing free PvP on the server. The only limitations in place for PvP are:

No bullying/harassment (No farming of our newer players)
Timeslotted base raiding (18:00 - 00:00 GMT + 0)

Other than that, this server open to everyone as a playground for your creative and destructive needs. Events will be scheduled and ran on weekends, with loot to be won as prizes.

Basic rules:
No cheating / exploiting
English in global chat
Raiding of Admins encouraged

Player slots is 40 but will be raised if needed (Up to 70)