Blue screen errors

After the update me and my entire tribe are constantly crashing yet the other tribes aren’t effected by this at all, we were running around trying to collect sets of armour from our bodies but before we could get close we crashed again 7+ sets of aquillonian epic infantry lost, plus weapons after the Update that many sets of armour isn’t easy to get, and not to mention the fact that if we get to our bodies they are invisible, or are no were to be seen because for some reason you keep moving when you crash please fix this game I want to wipe the server but can’t because of these bugs, please fix these issues. Steps on how to reproduce join our tribe.


Since 2 days. We experienced the same problems… Blue screen every 5-10 minutes with invisible corpse for the owner. (SERVER 3522)

Clap clap clap clap. NOW!! What funcom will do in compensation for our loot and time to get it… Who, for now, are totaly lost???


Same here on official 3522. The blue screen happens to my clan all at the same time and at least 3-4 times an hour.


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