Blue screen and others

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug |
Region: usa

Multiple blue screen on official and unofficial servers.

Died on elevator when elevator was on the bottom. Died when I went up to elevator.

Respawned at bedroll and couldnt move and I could see through my character.

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Every time we get a patch or an update its weeks of blue screen. I guess they really want us to go play other games and leave this game. I really want to try the new dlc but I b l ue screen every 2 minutes in offline and online game play, PS4.

Hello @LadyGodiva, welcome to the forums!

It’s truly unfortunate that you’re experiencing this issue, could you please share as much detailed information as you possibly can regarding the crashes, such as which activities have been triggering them the most?

Can you also confirm if you began experiencing more crashes after the last update?

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