Game crash / blue screens

Game mode: [Online Official server
Problem: [Crash
Region: US

Since last update game crashes constantly making it almost unplayable. Have lost several sets of armors, weapons and keys dues to these blue screen crashes.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play any mode
  2. Do anything ie walking, loot chest, fight anything, etc
  3. Finally relic into game after 3-4 attempts
  4. Find corpse decayed/despawned and everything lost


did you get an Error Code ? If so would be great if you could share it. That could might help the Devs to figure out what’s going on.


I have the same problem. Since the update, when I play the game, it crash 7 times…

I’m on PS4 and while I don’t seem to get as many crashes as others, mine crashes when trying to access our Greater Wheel of Pain. BUT it only crashes when the wheel is almost full. I’ll try to grab an error code when I go back on in an hour or so.

Loading screen=crash
Open wheel of pain=crash
Open animal pen=crash
Open chest=crash
Open thrall inventory=crash
Open bench inventory=crash
Contemplating the view=crash
If I don’t open the application it doesn’t crash! Perfect :slight_smile: problem solved

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Hello - game was working fine initially, but for some reason today I’m getting crashed out / bluescreened repeatedly. Nothing in particular seems to be causing it - I’m just walking around my base doing inventory management.

The PS4 error code displayed for the crashes is: (CE-34878-0)

Error code ce-34878-0

Me too same error code
Error error

I’ve had the same issue (booted randomly with the blue screen error message) after the most recent update. I play single player, off-line. It happened at least three times in one hour. Twice while I was exploring in a non-populated area traveling with a pet. The third time while I was in a dungeon.

I posted a possible temporary fix for this. Has worked all day (10hrs) so far. Others are also experiencing improvements with this method.

Like others I have had 7+ blue screens since patch all random. From loading to even closing the game.

I tried and it hasn’t improved much. Crashes every time I open wheel, pen, thrall, bench, teleport, open chest, log in, log out, even on 480p, reinstalling doesn’t work neither and we gotta deal with this until the 13th? Lol really? …smh

Preach on my brother lol. This is game breaking

I realise it’s the weekend and there aren’t anyone working a solution would be grand sooner rather than later when I decide to uninstall the game and sit I. Your complaint department tryimg to get a refund on the Year 2 Season pass.

Yeah can’t get in touch with complaint department to even talk about a refund

Console are getting a patch or hotfix Friday have to wait on Sony to clear same with XBOX… By the way playing all weekend no problems. Ps4 1 TB nothing special.

I know I know we have to wait cause of sony whatever we’ll wait lol
U r very lucky dude. I keep trying to log in n crash in the loading screen n after 10plus tries when I get in god forbid i try to open the pen or wheel of pain cause i crash n it’s another 10plus tries to log in crashing in the loading screen. Tried everything people suggested in this forums n still happening so at this point I’m just login refresh n log off until the patch its live on friday. Hope it improves things. I’ll just wait n see. Cant get any worst it could only get better at this point

Past three days Ive experienced this blue screen CE-34878-0 Me and my brother and sister started playing last week, She used to get it alot. So I bought a dedi server through GPortal hoping that would fix issue, also to get rid of the tethering. However the past 3 days I have been completely unable to join in game with them.

Game opens, Menu loads, Online menu loads, I search for my server it loads, click on server, begins to load and then crashes. rinse repeat. Today I have been trying for the past 7 hours and still no luck. I contacted Gportal but they said its not on their end its the game/ps4 issue. Prior to contacting them I rached out to my internet provider, we rebooted modems sent signals to router etc.

As Im typing this my brother just got the same blue screen.

I relized that when I die the game crashes. Once Im booted I have the hardest time to get back into game without crashing tons of times

Just a thought could having the hard disc version rather than entire game downloaded make a difference. Any ideas out there. Ty. Could list people with blue screen issues with hard copy VS downloaded game