Blue screen crash after update 1.08 on Ps4 pro

Game mode: [Online-PvE]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [NA]

Every time I try to log in it gets about 75% done loading then blue screens. My base is in the jungle if that matters. Near the scourge stone temple

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Chose my server
  2. Wait for it to load
  3. Game crashes
  4. Repeat
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ps4 PRO also having same issue right after the patch server 3793 pvp enemy’s are invisible and then crash also pvp 3144 keeps disconnecting for no reason saying its full but wasn’t full I have great internet what’s going on

Now getting BSOD on old PS4 every time I try and log in after patch.

Got it on both my pro and old ps4 finally got in haven’t seen anything else yet. Hope this isn’t ark all over again that was brutal


Same here. Every dang time. My husband plays right next to me, same server, and obviously same internet, and he does not have this issue.

Error code CE-34878-0

Report the error code, please!
(which error code number do you get (devs need to know this asap, this looks like a more widespread bug in the moment).

Same here. Old PS4. Error code CE-34878-0

Same here. PS4 Error code CE-34878-0 Version 1.09
PvP rented Server

I’m really angry. Since patch 1.07 only crashes
At the moment I can not get on my server anymore.
Crash at the end of the loading bar.
Technically, the game is getting worse from patch to patch.

Omg, seriously how does this happen? Same error code same everything. PvE Server

yes I agree PlayStation saying its funcom problem that’s needs to be on there A game NOT PlayStation