Body Skin Textures are downgraded to TSW after the latest patch

After the latest patch, it looks like the skin textures for character bodies seem to be reverted back to the TSW body textures.

The textures feel ‘smoother’, plasticy and less realistic than how they looked previously in SWL, and look more similar to the TSW version.

In the picture below, for example, it looks like the textures around the feet and lower legs are the new upgraded SWL version, but those on the upper body are the old TSW version.

Did you change your outfit ? because the lower legs are part of the boots/shoes/slippers.

I’ve been using the same outfit since before the patch, and it didn’t used to have the skin color difference between the lower legs and the rest of the body.

The same issue also happens with other outfits, such as the one below, and I can also see it happening with other players’ characters.

Apparently nipples have also reverted, which is probably related.

Unrelated to all these, but the agent network UI also seems to be reverted since it now shows extra 4th and 5th locked mission slots.

Bumping this thread in the hope that someone from Funcom will take an interest in fixing this issue.

To further explain the issue, here are a couple of close-ups of my character’s arm from the Old Gods New Tricks mission.

Here is what the arm looked like before the June 20 patch:

and this is what it looks like now:

The skin on the arm and hands looks a lot more life-like in the first image.

Please fix this Funcom !!!

The improvements in the graphics was supposed to be one of the ‘selling points’ of Legends, and this improvement has now been removed from character models.

Oh, I got an example for you! Try the elementalist Gloves, and for males… try to wear the bare-skin. Each having color-scheme alterations to them (one of my characters had darker skin from the neck and up, as an example).

I notice this (after festival was over, and I stopped wearing my festival outfit and started cycling through my other outfits each day) with an outfit I have that uses the Bikini bottoms. If I change to Hot Pants on that outfit, the problem goes away.

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Thanks for fixing this.

My character looks fabulous once again. :+1:

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