Borderlands-Conflict and slavery. RP-PvP +18

Borderlands is a brand new RP-PvP server. The main goal is to add more immersion for our players, which is sadly lacking on other servers. Conflict, wars, slavery and so forth.
Our admins are fair and do not favor. They will not partake in any conflict as and mainly stick to the RP hub, which is neutral.
The rules on Borderlands are also fair, yet not heavy. We do not wish to restrict the players and wish for them to enjoy their times exploring the Exiled lands.
We do run mods
Mod list:
-Pippi ((Is a must for all rp servers. As it vastly improves the chat in-game))
Conan Sexiles ((For those that enjoy erp, as well as all the different non erp, emotes it adds))
Thrall wars dungeon mod ((Will allow our admins to make dungeons for our players to conquer))
-Slaver mod ((For those wishing to own or be a slave. Also adds in many other items))
-Fashionist ((Allows our players to wear clothing their characters would wear, without being gimped))
-RP Aesthetics (( Allows for deeper customization of your character))
-Less building placement restrictions ((Allows our players to build more freely))
The server has been tested and proven to be stable.
Our discord link- htps://
No harm in joining and looking around.

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First server event will be starting soon. Good time to join, gain levels and rp. ^-^
Rumors spread around the exiled. Within this rumor holds information of an exiled force gathering to the neutral city known as The Bay and that their force should be ready to attack within a few moons from now.

Event information:
Location- The Bay. RP HUB
Date and time- 7/8/2019,10 am EST time (://www.thetimezoneconvertercom/))
Event description- This will be a PvE event, which will be lasting all day. It shall start on 7/8/2019, 10 am EST time, which is when the first wave of attackers shall hit. Each wave will be lasting an hour, with a four-hour break between each attack. Each wave will become more challenging as time goes on. There will be a boss fight at the end of each wave with each boss becoming more of a challenge too. Players will gain a decent amount of experience from the npcs. Only items that shall drop are those that the npcs were carrying on them.

Nice server with fun people and a good mix of RP! Steadily growing community so there is usually someone around to play with.

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10/10 Been on for weeks and cant get enough.