Borderlands - (RP/PVP/ERP) 18+ (EU/NA)

Server Name: Borderlands - (RP/PVP/ERP) 18+ (EU/NA)

Server’s Goal: A brand new server introducing classic RP-PvP rules and settings to promote IC conflict and consequence with a heavy focus on Roleplay.

Borderlands has a standard and lightweight rule set, much like others servers you may have played on, however with a deeper RP-focused slant. Every action your character takes will have consequences; not all of them resulting in a positive outcome. The Vassalisation of defeated enemies, slavery, perma-death, and more are all potential resolutions on Borderlands. Kings and Lords can rise to rule great areas of land only to be felled by uprisings and forced into servitude by their successors. We want to make a realistic, living world where anything is possible, so long as it is supported by deep RP. (We follow the standard REH Conan Lore with a few expansions from RPG rules on certain areas.)

We believe that stories which include both highs and lows are much more rewarding, and build better inter-character conflict.

We may be freshly opened but we already have a growing community of players and are always looking for more!

There is brief application process to guarantee that all players who apply do so with the same mindset and vision for the server, so you can rest assured that you can find people that want the same experience as you do!

Server Settings
2x Gather Rate
3x Exp Gain