Bored? Try a new map, custom quests, world events & more in cozy server! [PVE Savage Wilds]

Step into Ambrosia, a haven for players looking for a refreshing change of scenery and an immersive Conan Exiles RPG experience. Our server runs on the fully modded Savage Wilds map, a thrilling addition for those yearning for new lands to explore, away from the familiarity of the Exiled Lands.

Leave behind the usual grind with our boosted server settings: reap the benefits of x2 harvest and crafting rates, experience a x2 player XP boost, and watch your thrall craft at a rate 50% faster! We want to ensure a relaxed, yet engaging gameplay experience, and so the suggestion box is always open to make Ambrosia comfortable for you!

Not just an alternative map, we’re building Ambrosia into a custom community-drive Conan rp GAME experience. Participate in regular world events and earn rewards, or delve into unique, lore-friendly quests. And this is just the beginning - we’re continuously working to introduce more content woven meticulously into the world around you.

Ambrosia is a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for players who prefer a more laid-back gaming experience. With plenty of space to build and establish your stronghold, we hope to offer the perfect balance of communal engagement and personal space.

Set sail for new horizons with Ambrosia, where the wild and wondrous await you in the Savage Wilds. We can’t wait to see you there!

Join the Ambrosia Conan Exiles Server today!

Gain access by joining our Discord and accepting the server rules.

Ambrosia is an Inclusive Community & LGBTQIA+ Friendly :rainbow_flag:

Mod list:

  • Character Customization:
    • Fashionist
    • Immersive Armor
    • Barbarian Barber
    • RA Character Customisation
    • RA Fantasy Extension
    • Female New Faces
    • Male New Faces
    • Akuba’s Salon
    • Edit Appearance
    • Devious Desires (NSFW poses disabled)
  • Building:
    • Pythagoras: Expanded Building
    • Less Building Placement Restrictions
    • Northern Timber
    • Sand and Stone
    • Arena Pier
    • Beyond Decor
    • Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition
  • Gameplay:
    • Savage Wilds Map
    • Shimas Compendium
    • Pippi
    • Emberlight
    • T4 Followers Mild Increase Spawn


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Put your post under server’s avaliable pc. Always appreciate people bringing on private servers. @cakemostly

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Thanks! This is the only category I see for PC Server posts on the Funcom forums. Is there somewhere else you’d recommend I post it? I’m open to any suggestions to get the word out!


hey, i was looking for servers to play in with a couple friends of mine- this one caught my eye. could i get an updated discord link, if this server is still active? thanks!

Does the server still exist ? can’t join Discord