Boss Damage Increased by 400% to Thralls. Can We Kill them All?


After discovering that thralls in 3.0 are still too strong, we set out on a journey to killing bosses with increased enemy damage by 400%. This is our first world boss playthrough.

Since thralls get a lot more damage compared to default settings, many fights require a tactical approach to keep them alive (you can’t just facetank all the bosses).

Server settings:

Experience: 0.3x
Enemy damage to followers: 4x
Enemy damage to players: 2x
Follower damage to enemies: 0.3x

  1. Executioner was the first world boss to fight and it’s not as dangerous as it looks.
  1. Witch Queen fight was easier than expected.
  1. Crocodile is a savage. It almost got a thrall dead.
  1. The giant spider seemed like a fearsome boss due to poison so we did not rush to attack with thralls. It got me in the end…
  1. The giant snake wasn’t that bad. I expected a lot more poison damage.

I will keep updating this topic with new videos as we fight more bosses.

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