Question about how to nerf "your" thralls on a private Server?

Hi, can anybody tell me what server settings that will nerf your “followers” so they aren’t so powerful against NPC’s or other Monsters that are in the game. The reason I am asking is it is becoming to easy for my players to complete vaults and invade camp’s because there thralls are just to powerful and never die. Which now doesn’t feel like a challenge for them anymore.

Under server settings, on the combat page, you’ll find the sliders for damage.
Set Thrall Damage to NPC’s to 0.5
that should make the player’s thralls do half the damage they’re doing now.


Thanks for the respond but I already have that set to 0.5 plus I raised NPC damage taken to 0.5 and Player Damage taken to 2.0 and it is still to easy for them. The Thralls that they are getting from the purges have so much health that they are making a cakewalk out of the game.