Private server settings: Balancing Guarding Thralls

Hey there!

I host a private server and have building damage/thrall damage active only during the weekend evenings, however lately I’ve been getting a few requests to make some adjustments to the server settings to compensate for just how terribly weak defending base thralls are.

I did some ghosting around during this raid weekend to watch some raids as they were happening as I thought maybe the players were exaggerating and yikes… they really don’t put up much of a fight at all even when fully levelled and properly geared up, defending base thralls are actually pretty useless now huh?

My question to private server owners is:
Have any of you found a nice balance in your settings where your defending base thralls can actually do a decent job? I see there is a ‘Thrall damage to Players’ multiplier but then I worry that If I increase this that any thralls that are following a player with an authority build will just be crazy OP.

Let me know if any of you have any feedback to this issue :slight_smile:

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There isn’t much you can do currently. Even prior to 3.0 thralls inability to defend themselves against far more accurate players means they get trounced. Their only advantage is numbers, but even then they can mostly be ignored or taken out en masse.

Increasing health through mods is problematic since it will trivialize non-PVP content. Unless there is a way to increase health of guarding thralls without increasing following thralls.

When I played PVP that allowed the use of thralls in PVP, we usually just kept them indoors as a sort of speed bump in case of breaches. Players can’t really wade into areas with a ton of thralls in enclosed spaces, at least not easily. But the thralls will need gas protection if you do this.

At the end of the day it seems like thralls are pretty much fodder. I would use an easily replaceable thing like Zombies or Pets. And keep my well equipped and level’d thralls out of the fight.


I decreased player damage significantly, black listed explosive jars and turned on DBD with a long post log-off period.

Haven’t actually play tested it yet though, so maybe it doesn’t help.

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