Bought nanodeck from shop, can not start DB quest

When i came back 2 Years ago i bought the Nanodeck for my Trader.
Now i saw that i dont have any of the DB quest nanos uploaded or in anywhere in my inventory/bank.
So i thought i gonna do the DB questline.
Problem: Peacekeeper Constad won’t give me a Quest, instead he is just pointing me to Priest Fontain.
That guy is not opening conversation at all.
I dont have any DB quest part in my questlog.
What can i do?
Anyone had that happening before? Will it help to delete the bought Nanodeck?

Is there any chance you started that quest previously ? if you leave it long enough until it times out you have to follow it until you catch up the point you had reached before it kicks in again.

Otherwise that’s not a known bug, I did it that way once before too, bought the deck and then did the quest.

If neither then it may need a GM to fix it. :confused: