Bouncing when stil

Not that this is a huge bug, game breaking, or not sure if its even been mentioned, but I noticed when in walking mode you bounce when ever you stand still. Never noticed it before until recently.

I have noticed this a lot in my Single player game. When I switch to vanity mode, you can see one leg flexing continually.

I have noticed that too. Its a bit distracting just a minor thing but would still be nice if it could be fixed.

Yea I agree about the getting fixed part. As I said it is not game breaking just annoying lol. Especially when you RP because then you might actually walk more.

Agreed on this. Borderline maddening, and quite distracting in 1st person view. Also, why am I always trying to box with my house every time I place/build an object. It seems that the attack feature and the place build feature are linked in build mode. I really hope this changes. It’s super annoying to equip weapon and holster it immediately to prevent motion sickness every time I place a ceiling tile.

I notice it too all the time, it is rather annoying. It’s a pain trying to remember to toggle walk back on to move and off to stand still.