Please fix the walk mode (stand idl) jitter bug!

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [ehm eveytime you press walk and stand still !]

the character jitters, to make it easy on me and you guys i made a youtube vid to show you what i mean, its better then me writing in bad english what it is!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. load game / singleplayer
  2. press the “walk” button
  3. stand absolute still (you can watch the jitter)
  4. press prone to make the jitter go wild, also character starts to levetate from the ground then.
  5. still have no clue, watch my video ( )

Been reported elsewhere I believe so a known bug, that is NOT game breaking although it is immersion breaking for sure. Might not be fixed quickly.

Well, its been reported a few times, and it really is annoying, if you are roleplaying with someone and he is shaking like a mixer, or vibrator.

I really can’t see a reason for this either.
Please fix it, I get horrible cramps wthcing people shae like that.

ehm sorry my bad english, i mean Crouch :smiley:

I reported this a long time ago along with a video of it.
I got a P.O.S. smartass answer from a DEVELOPER telling me to toggle run mode.
Well, that thread was CLOSED AFTER 10 DAYS since nobody else except a couple other people confirmed it.

Devs, I’m dead serious about this.
You have no idea how much your financial future is at stake.

Posted 5/2018

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