Animation bug when walking

I have experienced it in both single player and online.
When you enter walk mode and stand idle your character will twitch jump up and down.
Any server
I play on European servers but I have talked with Americans who experience the same bug

When you walk and enter third person you can see the character twitching up and down.

You press the walk key and scroll out the camera to third person view and then you can see the character jumping up and down slightly. It is the same problem for all and everyone I have talked with.

It’s marked as fixed in TestLive on the trello board

Here, specifically:


Okay that is very cool it is actually fixed!

No it is not fixed in my game that was prematurely it’s not gone at all. Looking at it right now twitching up and down like a mad woman.

Fixed in TestLive means not in your game… yet

Ah okay got so happy logged in and it was not there at first so thought it had been fixed allready, but then it started again. Anyway that is good news then eventually it will make it to live hopefully… Thanks for clearing that up for me! :smiley:

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It’s actually a 3 stepped bug, they solved only one.
2 remain:

  1. If you press backspace (default) while on first person camera, you’ll notice the camera goes down about to the character’s waist (at least on a female character).

  2. When you pick an item on 3rd person camera with walk mode on, your character first crouch and his/her shoulder get displaced a little.

Looks like the camera height while on walk mode was placed slightly lower than it should be.

I just started having this issue. Can sprint but walking/jogging are unusable currently. This is 9 days after the above comment stated that TestLive had resolved and I am wondering if that fix has gone live and I’m the odd on out or if the fix from Dec 5 has not gone live.

Thank you.

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