Bound in Poetry

This was written by a previous incarnation of mine (LoneMonkey) about a previous incarnation of the game.
For the BtV Poetry slam 2015 (sadly it never went ahead)
Still relevant and riddled with spoilers throughout.


Bound by LoneMonkey

An inception, instrumental to the path.
A calling, from a filth born wrath.

A rapture, from the loins of Lilith.
A lancing spite, at the core of a distant Zenith.

A fever, to a pitch of insanity.
And the red red bed, And I - A Knight of duality.

The morning, never had a light so worthy.
Yet my Fusang heart, had never been so thirsty.

From a middle town and the solo-man.
To a tower dark and the end game plan.

An age, was just passing time.
Until awakened deep, Within a blue ridged mine.

The bird of blackness - To that bird I prayed.
For my beautiful wings - How could one disobey?

A fear of the dreaming - shot down in Anima ray.
I could not - for the love - of Kisikililake.



Also from the same year 2015 krampusnacht


Hel hath no fury like a Mother scorned,
Krampus - nacht totschlagen all!
Severed hands, five nails - need horns!
Dark found light no hope in halls…

On Krampusnacht thou “GO TO HEL”!
Heathen! Hunger! Famine! Felled.
Meet on yon hill The Secret World and dwell,
Daughter 'N Goddess in Niflhel.

Then by tryst - betwixt two worlds,
That cloven foot should cramp thy skin…
In frozen Hel that wind did unfurl,
Which side is your side at Mother’s shin?

On Krampusnacht thou “GO TO HEL”!
The heathen mother of hunger prime…
Meet on yon hill, The Secret World and dwell -
With the Daughter 'N Goddess in Niflheim!

Lay abreast at thy pillars - fangs of Fenrir,
And the maggots of your well rotted corpse…
For the love of this Mother as Hel freezeth over,
T’was not a trick, not a myth from the Norse.

On Krampusnacht thou “GO TO HEL”!
The heathen mother of famine primed…
To meet on yon hill, The Secret World and dwell -
In the Daughter 'N Goddess of Niflheim!

For thine is the underworld - ninth bound and tell…
The Hel and the fury before Ragnorak.
Lest for ever and ever in a circle of Hell…
We summon forever - Auld Krampusnacht!



2016 Krampus


Another spell and Krampus reigns
Mother Hel! come, Holy Knight
The good turn bad for darkness tamed
Tests hard the ACT of battle might

Deep within, The Hollowed earth we wait
Gifts from Saints adorned all round
Till calls, from the nameless, what savage has faith?
To the Mother! - On unhallowed ground

Best gather your finds, This hunt begins
“What skins our hearts”? said the dying
The coals of a long lost stranger hath been
Niflheim spoils the warriors trying

When the Jingi bells and Superhels
This Karol is not done
May your hands seize up in sprints of frost
Balled to death by a ChosenOne

Till Another spell when Krampus reigns
Mother Hel! We re-enact
The bad turn good for a prize unnamed
On this, White krampusnacht.



OMG! I forgot we had that Poetry Jam planned. Maybe we can do one later on in the year…
Oh and Meta? These are absolutely wonderful <3


I remember this one from the Krampus Karols. :)!

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