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It says something that I see Lorem Ipsum near this game and I immediately dig into it for a hidden code forgetting that all Lorem Ipsum gets pretty poetically cryptic when translated.

The OP was edited multiple times. Edit histories are hidden to normal users, but I can see it.

Does it mean they don’t like it here?

Maybe it’s a new super secret ARG. :thinking:

in a quick read, I see only Enlil wich was the king of gods in antic mesopotamia, and destroyed humanity in a poem named epic of gilgamesh.

If i had a dime, I’d bet, on a player fond of the game who went back for the anniversary and is freakin disapointed by the golem event.

Roleplayer saying hello.

That message was meant to say, among other things, “nice to be here”. But noone replied within 12 hours or so, thus we came to wonder whether this place might be less welcoming than we had imagined it to be, and we felt compelled to retreat into oblivion again. It didn’t seem well to leave a ‘hello’ message in a place devoid of life.

Yet I’d noticed some interesting post in another subforum, and when I came back to read it more carefully, I noticed this forum is not as dead as it appeared to us. Oh well…

By the way, we are not acquainted with ‘the golem event’; we have our hands full with exploring the various areas our faction handlers send us to.


It’s not a super populated forum, but there be people here. Welcome and enjoy the game :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Starsmith.

We have noticed that there seems quite a contrast between how we experience the game at the one hand, and how people talk and behave in the relevant forums at Steam and Reddit. Most of this seems to be connected with many people apparently being grumpy over the replacement of TSW by SWL, and rumored shady actions of some former Funcom CEOs. We only know SWL; its former manifestation is only a legend to us, and those shady actions, alleged or real, seem to be in a poetic symmetry to the contents of the game. It is a pity that those who do not appreciate this, seem to be more vocal about it than those who do.

Anyway, the atmosphere at Steam and Reddit might have pushed us towards a certain misgiving about what could be going here (or, more precisely, appeared not to be going on here).

And henceforth I should speak for myself, now that the original introduction of the three of us was wiped away.


This thread only appeared to me today. There was nothing in it apart from the edited greeking and i had no idea what it was and went in search on the net, i tried to translate it through google and it only came up with what looked like random nonsense to me - i couldn’t figure it out.
Because i had no idea what it was and the only thing i had to go on was knowing it had something before it - as i noticed the edit mark.
Do you know i was looking up carrots?

I asked on discord if this was some part of the upcoming ARG mini event in the Megaversary and was told then about the Lorem Ipsum - i had never heard of it before and did find it odd and i laughed to myself about it wondering what on earth it could be and was still convinced it was going to be some ARG lol
I mentioned it again on the SWL Discord and then came back and saw Andy had added what had previously been there and i was intrigued more -
I’m not entirely certain as to how the forum chooses what to show you first as i have my link set to latest discussions - and i confess i never saw this until the 12 hrs later. When the OP had already been edited.
I frequent the forums a lot and never saw this till today.

Talk about making an entrance :smiley:
Welcome to SWL


I DID see the original message, but I saw it at ‘Oh god why am I still awake’ o’clock, wasn’t entirely sure what it meant or how to respond, and decided to respond later, after a solid night’s sleep. And then it… stopped being English and I was really not sure how to respond.

Also, hi, I’m another roleplayer, although I haven’t been active in RP on this forum. (I do have an art thread, though.) I’d LIKE to be, but I’ve never been able to figure out a good way to jump into the small handful of existing RP threads, and am drawing a blank coming up with my own.

Excellent, deeply mysterious entrance, and welcome.

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Thanks Meta-Moth and TeaThief. In hindsight I probably acted somewhat over-paranoid, but my perception was that of walking into a hotel, calling “hello? hellooo?” and then noone ever comes to the reception and you don’t notice any guests either…

I’m glad it worked out well though, and almost sorry I didn’t put more effort into wiping out my tracks :slight_smile: The Lorem Ipsum text is sometimes used in online editors to see how a text would look in a certain font, format, layout etc. so it somewhat of a default placeholder paragraph.

I presume the RG might stand for Roleplaying Game — but what about the A?

Actually, ARG stands for ‘Alternate Reality Game’ and has been used to promote The Secret World at certain points.
I find the concept difficult to explain, but if you want an example, try and google Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Year Zero’.

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Thanks, that article gave me an idea. (I have a wide and ecclectic taste in music, but NIN never really made it to my stereo; Johnny Cash’s rendition of ‘Hurt’ is what I know of their catalog. I do know that Trent Reznor has a fascination with the Manson Family though, and even bought the house where Sharon Tate was murdered, so I imagine his art goes way beyond just creating music.)